Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wilco, Day One

Wow....what a night

People have asked me through out the day how the show was. My response has been that of well...I can't really find the words. It was something that I know that I will never forget. My ticket said that we were in row four yet as I walked endlessly down the stairs of the venue on the UCSD campus I realized just how close we were. There was no row one so technically Harris and I were in the third row. It seems ridiculous that I was that close. It was so surreal.

My camera is a bit broken. As in I can't see the back screen. I believe I stepped on it at the wedding I attended in July. So I couldn't look through the back screen so I needed to figure out what the flash was. So make a long story short I couldn't read the back screen and these pictures are not the best but I was close. So close I saw the chicken pox marks on Nels Klines face. (He had chicken poxs a couple of weeks ago).

The show was great. The sound was great. I was excited for the chance to interact with the band so close to the front.
My favorites for the night included:
Impossible Germany
Spiders (Kidsmoke)
Sky Blue Sky

Songs I hope to hear tomorrow night:
Either Way
On and On and On

Amazing.....simply amazing....

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