Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i just can't be a hired hand.

I woke up this morning.
because I hit snooze at least ten times.

and then i faced life.
that was not my own.
and it was something that I believed in so highly.

what is the impact of music?
he asked.
and why do we keep doing it?

I respond with
how has capitalism taken away our ability to fight?
and to be creative?
it is so easy to say be like me
than it is to turn to our right and be like them

what is the point of music anymore?
are our ideas just a commodity?
will we rise up and make a noise
above the problems of dollars.

could we not be creative?
to think of new ideas
of how we use what we have
and recreate our garbage.
and have a song that is more meaningful than
being a sk8r boy
or an umbrella.

i hope we keep finding meaning.
and creating music
that can rise up a generation
to uproot injustice
to turn from our apathy
to find hope in things that are seen
and yet to be seen.

1 comment:

Grant Wahlquist said...

Um, I think Umbrella is a kick ass jam. And sometimes, that's all music ought to be.