Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shine a Light

I have the amazing opportunity this quarter to TA a class on Theology and Pop Music. It has less to do about Theology per say and more about looking at the historical progression of music post 1950. Of course I am loving it. I am quiet in the class and love to listen people process through music genre avoiding comments about taste and more looking at political and social change.

Instead of having class last week we headed to the Movie Theatre and watched the documentary Shine a Light from The Rolling Stones. Here is a trailer from the film directed by Martin Scorsese.

It is a live concert documentary interspersed with cuts of past footage of the lineage of the Stones. There were a few thoughts while watching the film.
1. My friend Stephen and I calculated that Mick Jagger has probably sang Start it Up at least 10,000 times. (Do the math I am not exaggerating).
2. The music is kinda boring but man oh man I will watch that man dance over and over and over again
3. Mick Jagger is a bit of a control freak
4. I would rather listen to Buddy Guy play that amazing guitar any day than most pop music.
5. Watching a concert in the middle of the day is kinda fun.

The Stones are the Stones and I am sure we all have our own opinions on the men. I prefer the Beatles but hey that's just me.

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