Monday, April 21, 2008

this monday.

I have been sitting in class all day.
One ear on the speaker and the other to the clacks of the keyboard.
I wrote my thesis last quarter.
so i am having a hard time paying attention.

so instead of paying attention i took a picture.
because we both like looking at facebook.
instead of wrestling with justice.

am i really this apathetic?
or just distracted?

I guess the day brings out the reality of my life.
sitting in front of lectures.
wishing that i could listen to music all day.
and read books that push me.
and my thoughts.

rather than being pushed to update my netflix queue.


throwingroses said...

Amy- e-mail me your address. It's important. If you don't do it right away no child will ever know what it's like to have a wookie maul their enemies for them.

joe. said...

My Netflix queue says that Lars and the Real Girl is on its way to my place, and The Great Debaters is next in the queue.

Oh, and I'm in class right now too...

Kristin said...

Nice! Now i know why you and Dodi were giggling in class.