Friday, April 25, 2008


We won't get what we want until
it doesn't matter anymore.
Was expressed in a film.
but in my real life.
I talked about this idea over lunch.

how do we let go?
in a space where we are supposed
to have it all
and not trip over our failures
and have straight A's
while having children
and being married by the age of 22

I don't have that
but what i have is
a sense
of what is to become.

an idea that is whole
rather than fragmented
all those desires need to be trumped
with a smile and possibility
when my eyes open
to the sun arousing me
in the morning

and when the sunsets
i am there to remind you
that you will be okay
and that life happened
while you ran around today
fufilling your dreams

you have to let it
to a place
where your hands are free.

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