Thursday, April 24, 2008

lay with me awhile.

It's like every few weeks I have the need
to purge
my things.
tidy up the space.
receive a clean head
and a clean heart.

I stay here most of my days.
when i am not tamping grounds.
or taking notes.
or watching someone elses children.

i usually like to create here.
with my head on my pillows.
and my bck up against the wall.
the window provides a vision of what is out there
and i have the chance to close the blinds and believe
that there is something else out there.

i like this space.
so much that i have called it home.
unpacked all the boxes.
set up shop.

i have laid my guard down.
because it is just to heavy to carry.
and this is something i can do.

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