Wednesday, April 23, 2008

late night translation

I was supposed to work tonight.
and read about how we need to work with issues of peace.
but my room was full of peace.
and love.
and community.

it was not lonely.
or empty.

it was filled with people.
and singing.
and finding truth.
and making connections.

and I felt peace.
so I didn't read.
and I probably won't get up early tomorrow to do it either.
i guess I can catch up on what the catholics have to say about that on Thursday.

until then I will experience the peace.
and the love.
because the actions cannot be done by me reading them alone in bed.

not when there is real life to be lived.
and laughter to be had.

i don't want a life that has me so alone.
i need you to process with.
i need you to share my thoughts.

you do not need to be my lover.
you just need to be my friend.

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