Monday, April 21, 2008

oh where oh where

so i was inspired by the work of another.
it was constant and fluid.
and it gave me hope that I could do this alone.
and that it was hard.

and then it was gone.
and you wonder where he went.
and where and how he could go.

because it made me realize i can do this.
and maybe all along i knew i could.
but he made me realize i could.
and he doesn't know my name. or where i am from.
or that i was passionate about living life.

and all it was was a springboard.
a raw one but i was right there.

so go. go and pout and be really alone.
but others need you.
i needed you.

but i will find creativity because you opened the window and the door.
and it's not about being okay.
or not okay.

it's about walking through life and feeling.
even if it is numb.

and i will go on.
because i always do.

1 comment:

zeus said...

i saw your blog when i was looking around the blog competition...and i would like to say about your writing..first and last part is good but the other part doesnt fit the two of them..
take care of yourself..