Monday, April 14, 2008

Me, You, and Everyone We Know

I love a life that is quirky and imaginative. I love a life full of random moments and a life that can be surprising and wonderful and random. It is never easy nor simple. I think life is meant for risk tasking, surprises, spontaneity. It should be a life full of love or the pursuit of love, which means it is never absent of pain or brokenness. I believe that life without that heartache makes it kind of boring and/or selfish.

On that note I have been fascinated by the work from Miranda July . She is a performance artist and writer. In my mind she focuses on simple beauty and wonder. It's these small things that make our desires bloom. She often times pushes boundaries towards understanding our limitations and I really value and appreciate who she is. She made a film in 2005 that seemed to be a collection of performance art pieces but they are threaded together through the lives of different peoples experiences. I have been thinking about this film for awhile and I have been moved and shaken from her honesty and creativity.

This is a clip from the film. It focuses on this walk to her car and her willingness to risk for something that she desires. It's simple and elegant.

The rest of the film is something similar to this. It pulls your heart strings. It pulled my creativity outside of itself (my creativity has been stuck for awhile). Between this film and Alan Kaprow's exhibit I have been moved and shaped. This type of art, the little ones every day, can add up to a life full of wonder and spontaneity. I want this kind of life. The push and pull. The willingness to lay yourself out there. By writing this I thought of a couple of things that is said in the film. She is waiting for Richard to call and says..."We have a whole life to live together you fucker, but it can't start until you call." There was also Richard stating the predicament of his burnt hand...

Christine Jesperson: [seeing his bandage] Whoa, what happened?
Richard Swersey: You want the short version or the long one?
Christine Jesperson: The long one.
Richard Swersey: I tried to save my life but it didn't work.
Christine Jesperson: Wow. What's the short one?
Richard Swersey: I burned it.

This has been the moments that have made me smile lately.

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throwingroses said...

without a doubt one of the funnest films I have seen in recent memory.