Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a mystic glow

they say that you should wait for God to show up.
But isn't God right there.
whispering in your ear.
arms length away.

The systematic approach is not working.
the checks were not in the boxes.
the moments of perfection were over.

we wait for all the ducks to be in a row.
but what if they were never supposed to be?
what if they needed to be scattered like the stars in the sky?

they say that the prophets were on the outskirts
it's because the rules did not apply.
how are they supposed to apply when you don't ascribe to this lifestyle?

I give up on your order.
and your fear.
I give up for the fact that you tried to keep me feet in step.
with yours.

the whisper is all i need.
and the smile on my face.
and what is in my eyes.
rather than what is written on the calendar for may of 2009.

today i will hear you.
or see you.
and know that you are moving.
because you said you were.
and i guess that's all i really know.

and we then fight for injustice.
and peace.
and love.
and we don't fight with fists.

1 comment:

jen said...

well said.
i have tried for most of my life to live like this--waiting, trying to live the prototype i thought was required.
and life isn't so much like that.
i'm glad god has displaced my order, dispelled my prescripted life, and stood alongside me the entire time...posing more questions than answers.
amy, thanks for your honesty and vulnerability...for allowing us to see and experience the new things at hand.