Wednesday, April 23, 2008

white couch tunes.

For so long I have hid form myself.
I thought I knew what I wanted.
but what I was living was so much different.

the actions were not my words.

but the switch flipped.
and redemption came. is coming. come.

the fear turned into solace.
and solace into music.
and beers on the porch
with smoke billowing in the wind.

i was forced to live in the moment.
i had to swallow my fear.
and your fear.

and I stepped across the line from fear and doubt
into light and love and possibilities.
love for myself.
and doors opening.
and hope billowing.

the boredom is the moments of breath.
being breathed.
in between obligations.

i will no longer hold on to the breath.
and i will no longer sit in the fear.
and the trepidation.
i have nothing to lose because I have lost it all.

and songs will now pour forth.
and inspiration will be hearing
the same song in new ways.
because I wasn't supposed to hear them this way
until now.

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