Saturday, April 26, 2008

so tired.

Some days it is easier
than others
to fight the battles
inside your mind.

today I am tired
and the nagging voice
of pessimism
sounds so much louder
than the voice of

and it's been distracting
and i don't know where the
day disappeared to.

and i wanted to be calm
but i was an ocean
of activity
and disruption
or maybe it was the knowledge
that nothing is getting done
and nothing is moving
because i am

and all i want to do
is nothing
but read your stories
and thoughts
and dreams
but that will not do
because there is theology
to be done.

wilco is right
they don't know nothing about my soul.

i hope i do.


Design Ministry said...

I love this ... I think because I am in a similar place. Why do we not give ourselves enough space or grace? Thanks for your thoughts friend. -kristin

wanderingellimac said...

wow. beautiful. prophetic. sound. you speak my heart sometimes.